CalSens SL is a technology-based company and spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. It was born from the union of telecommunications and civil engineering professionals. Have been collaborating together since 2004 on photonic technology research projects, applied to the monitoring of processes and structures.

Salvador Sales Maicas

Senior Consultant - Founding Partner

Salvador Sales is a Professor at the UPV and founding partner at Calsens. His research is carried out in photonic sensors and optical signal processing for the last 25 years. He has been involved in more than 20 European funded projects related to new ways of sensing using fiber sensors and to improve the capability of optical networks using photonic processing. He has been leading customized fiber sensor solutions for many important research centres and companies. He has developed fiber sensors that can support over 1000ºC for the European Space Agency and novel 3D shape sensors based on SDM fibers to assist brain surgery, amongst others.

PH.D. Telecommunication Engieering

Luis Alberto Sánchez

R&D Senior

Luis Alberto Sánchez holds a Ph.D. in Physics with a specialization in Photonics from the University of Valencia. He has worked on the development and application of characterization techniques for photovoltaic materials, as well as the fabrication and characterization of optical fiber devices. His research interests include nonlinear optics, fiber lasers, and acousto-optic interaction in fibers for sensing purposes.


Juan José Martínez

CTO Photonics

Juan José Martínez (PhD) has work in multiple fields of research in photonics and optics from 2005 when he started his PhD studies at University of Zaragoza. He has participated in more than 10 public founded projects (both Autonomic, National and European founded programs) first as a researcher and later as director and coordinator. Either in universities, research centres or private companies, his expertise has always been linked to the world of photonics for multidisciplinary applications: optical communications, distributed fibre sensing, POF, free space optical metrology, optics solution for Concentrated Solar Power Generation, Brillouin Spectroscopy, non-linear optical effects. After the completion of his PhD in optical communications in 2011 from University of Zaragoza he successfully directed and completed a metrology project at University of South Wales (UK), in 2016 he started working for a private company where he continued to apply his acquired knowledge from university R&D to the creation and improvement of high-profile optical measurement products. As a senior researcher he has tens of published papers both in journals and conferences and is part of several industrial properties, all related to optics and photonics.


Medardo Hernández

Project Analist

Medardo Hernández is a student of the university master's degree in concrete engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Graduated in Civil Engineering from the Rafael Landívar University of Guatemala with an Environmental emphasis. He has worked in the construction sector in his country, participating in the management and execution of buildings for residential use.

BsC. Civil Engineering

Wendy Flórez Sánchez

Project Analist

Wendy Florez is a student of the University Master's Degree in Concrete Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Civil Engineer graduated from the University of Ibagué, she developed her final degree project on the behavior of a hot-modified asphalt mixture with rice husk ashes, being exalted with academic honors.

BsC. Civil Engineering

Marina Oliver Cano

Project Manager

Marina Oliver Cano is a Civil Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de València. She has worked in the management of research projects, management of public aid and energy efficiency, tax deductions for R&D+i and valuation of intangible assets in the field of engineering for more than 6 years. She currently holds the position of Project Manager for Calsens and Building Resilient, carrying out the management of European and national projects

MSc. Civil Engineering

Ingrid Juliana Niño González

Chief Financial Officer

Ingrid has supported business plans formulation and financial feasibility studies for technology-based entrepreneurships and university spin-offs. She has been involved in administrative and financial activities for agreements and contracts budget evaluation and project management for its planning, executing, monitoring, and closing stages. Recently, she has provided administrative and financial management support to the projects involved in the cooperation agreement between the Universidad Santo Tomás and the Colombian Petroleum Institute (Center for Innovation and Technology) regard documents, invoices, contracts, financial reports, and other task and activities of the project management.

MSc. Project Management Engineering

Pedro A. Calderón

Chief Executive Officer - Founding Partner

Pedro A. Calderón is a Professor at the UPV and founding partner and chairman of the board of directors at Calsens. He carries out his research in the structural and geotechnical engineering field, oriented towards smart systems and sensors for Structural health Monitoring. Testing and monitoring of full-scale specimens, or even operating structures, associated with advanced numerical modelling, have always been part of Pedro’s research. Before entering UPV, Pedro was Partner and Technical Director of GIA, S.L. (Engineering Consulting Company), where he led and participated in works in Spain, Benin, Guinea Bissau, Mexico, and Colombia. Since he entered the UPV he has been leader and researcher of over 10 European Union and National research projects and more than 50 research projects involving private companies and institutions, raising an overall turnover of over 3.5 million € in research projects.

PH.D Civil Engineering MSc. Mechanical Engineering

José Miguel Adam Martínez

Chief Technology Office Civil Engenieering - Founding Partner

José M. Adam is a Professor at the UPV and founding partner at Calsens. His research is carried out in the structural engineering field and is oriented towards improving the resilience of buildings and bridges. Jose’s research has always been associated with ambitious experimental campaigns, including many on full-scale structures-specimens. Two of his most important merits-contributions are: holder of an ERC Consolidator Grant for the amount of 2.5 million euros; and Senior Editor of Construction and Building Materials, one of the leading journals in its field.

PH.D. Civil Engineering

Juan José Moragues Terrades

Senior Consultant - Founding Partner

Juan José Moragues is a member of the Concrete Science and Technology Institute (ICITECH) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Has been a Spanish representative in the commission of the International Federation of Prestressing related to maintenance of structures. Has taken part as principal investigator in various projects of the National R&D Plan and in other subsidized projects. Has directed several doctoral and master's theses within the Department of Construction Engineering. He is the author or co-author of 14 Bridges. Simultaneously, has participated in the design and construction of important implementations of industrial buildings, belonging to multinational companies. Has taken part in the structural design of more than 50 buildings for different uses, both residential and sports, commercial, educational, offices, parking buildings. Furthermore, he is the author of numerous reports on pathology, rehabilitation and reinforcement of structures.

PH.D Civil Engineering

Ignacio Javier Payá Zaforteza

Senior Consultant - Founding Partner

Ignacio Payá Zaforteza is a founding partner of Calsens and full professor at the UPV. His research focuses on structural fire engineering (including the development and application of sensors to improve the resilience of structures vis-à-vis fire hazards), structural conceptual design and structural optimization. Ignacio has led projects in these fields that included pioneering experimental tests of great complexity, advanced numerical models and the development of simplified calculation methodologies. Ignacio worked as an engineering consultant in France, Spain and India for nearly ten years. As a consultant he was involved in the design and construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, buildings, underground lines and wastewater plants. His work deserved several awards such as Excellence in Teaching Award (UPV, 2009) and the Outstanding PhD award of the UPV. Currently, Ignacio chairs IABSE Task Group 1.2 “Design of Bridges against Fire Hazards” and is a member of the editorial board of the journal “Structural Engineering International”.

PH.D. Industrial Engineering MSc. Tunnels and Bridges

Antonio Penadés Pla

Antonio Penadés Pla is graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Specialized at the Technological Institute of Plastics and the Polytechnic University of Valencia in polymeric materials and composites. He has recently worked on the design, development and application of structural monitoring systems in civil constructions. His most recent line of research and development is focused on the manufacture of pultruded composite material profiles sensorized using fiber optic-based sensors.


Pedro Calderón Bofías

R&D Leader

Pedro Calderón Bofías is graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He has been working on the design, development and application of structural health monitoring (SHM) systems in civil construction for more than 3 years. His most recent line of research and development focuses on obtaining the curvature, shape and deformation of structures using fiber optic-based sensors.

MSc. Mechanical Engineering

Jesús Martínez Serrano

Chief Operating Officer and General Manager

Jesús Martínez Serrano is graduated in Technical Engineering for Public Works, specializing in Civil Construction, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. His professional life is focused on the field of Structural Pathology and Rehabilitation, with more than 22 years of experience in inspection, monitoring, conducting pathology studies, rehabilitation projects, execution and direction of load tests on civil and construction structures. He is as well an Associate Professor at the ETSICCP of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

BsC. Civil Engineering

Salvador Ivorra-Chorro

Senior Consultant - Partner

Salvador Ivorra is a University Professor at the University of Alicante (UA). His main research field focuses on the dynamic behavior of structures, of seismic origin and other phenomena. He has developed extensive experimental campaigns, both in real infrastructures and in laboratory, in Spain, Italy, Algeria, Greece, Romania and the United Kingdom. Salvador has participated in the design and execution of dynamic load tests on numerous high-speed rail bridges, of which, the performance of dynamic load tests on the Basarab Bridge (Romania) and Ponte del Adriático (Italy) should be highlighted, due to their uniqueness, as well as tests on numerous historic buildings, headlining the dynamic behavior of bell towers and industrial chimneys. From his participation in European projects, it is worth mentioning the performance of tests on seismic tables of full-scale structures, displaying reinforced concrete buildings, silos and masonry ribbed vaults.

PH.D. Industrial Engineering

Daniel Haba Lechiguero

Maitenance of Equipment and sensor Leader

Daniel Haba is Graduated as a technician in telecommunications installations and is currently a student of FP in telecommunications installations. Daniel collaborates in CalSens handling equipment, manufacturing, analyzing and assembling fiber optic sensors.

FP in Telecommunications Installations

Beatriz Amigo Porras

Structural Monitoring Leader

Beatriz Amigo Porras has a degree in Civil Engineering of Roads, Canals and Ports from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She graduated as a Civil Engineering from the Higher Technical School of Engineering of Seville, specializing in structures.

MSc. Civil Engineering

María del Mar Navarro Giner

R&D Project Analyst

María Del Mar Navarro Giner is a student of the Master's Degree in Engineering of Roads, Canals and Ports at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Alicante, specialized in civil constructions.

BsC. Civil Engineering

Elham Nazemosadat

R&D Senior

Elham Nazemosadat holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with a focus on Photonics, from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She has worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the US, Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain. Her over more than 15 years of international research experience in the field of optics has notably diversified her expertise over a wide range, from Space-Division Multiplexing and design of specialty fibers to nonlinear effects in optical fibers, silicon nitride waveguides, microresonator frequency combs, and Microwave Photonics. She has been involved in a variety of R&D projects funded by prestigious agencies, including the European Research Council and the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Ph.D. Electrical & Electronic Engineering Bachelor´s Degree (B. SC.) Electrical Engineering - Control

Rubén Campos

Sensor manufacturing and installation Leader

Rubén Campos Fernández is Electromechanical Technician from the IES Benicalap and a Higher Technician in Energy Efficiency from the San José Jesuitas School. Rubén has broad experience in maintenance and assembly of electrical and photovoltaic installations.

His work at Calsens will focus on the manufacturing of fiber optic sensors, the assembly and installation of the sensors and equipment necessary on site.

Electromechanical Technician Higher Technician in Energy Efficiency

José María Escalante Fernández

R&D Senior

José María Escalante Fernández (PhD) has worked in different fields of research such as photonics, lasers, optics, energy, medical image and deep learning from 2009 when he started his PhD studies at Polytechnic University of Valencia. He has participated in more than 10 public funded projects (both Autonomic, National and European founded programs) as a researcher. His expertise, either in universities and research centres, covers a wide range of topics, both theoretical and experimental, such as photonics, phononics, solid state laser, wave propagation, inverse problem, chemical atmospheric, cybersecurity or energy demand forecasting.

After the completion of his PhD in telecommunications engineering in 2013 from Polytechnic University of Valencia he has worked in different universities and research centres in France (CEA and CNRS) and Spain (CEAM Foundation, ITE/UPV, i3B/UPV or ITACA Institute/UPV). This experience has provided a high versatile profile as a researcher, which is proven by more than 20 contributions in journals as well as in congresses.

PhD. in Telecommunications Engineering Master in Big Data Analytics MSc Tecnología, Sistemas y Redes de Comunicaciones Bachelor of Physics