01.Structures monitoring

Calsens specializes in structure monitoring services using optical sensors, covering any required time period: from monitoring few hours or specific load tests to permanent installation monitoring with continuous data collection and analysis. Available for several years and aimed at predictive maintenance of infrastructures.

In addition, at Calsens we have our own developed IoT software, for the collection, analysis and monitoring of the data obtained from the structure. Optimizing access to data and analysis of the structure from any device 24 hours a day.

02.Optical sensors development

At Calsens we develop optical sensors for different applications. From FBG optical sensors for deformation measurement in civil engineering, to sensors for extreme temperature capturing in the aerospace field, through optical sensors for pressure measurement in pressurized ducts, or even pH measurement in concrete structures.

Research and development are a crucial part of Calsens, and the application of optical sensors for new requirements is a vital point of the activity of our team, very dedicated to research in various fields, in the academic and private spheres.

03. Infrastructures load tests

At Calsens we offer load testing and suitability testing services for civil and industrial structures. Calsens counts with extensive experience in this area of testing, with a team specialized in this type of work, embracing the latest technology in optical sensors specially designed for civil and industrial engineering applications.

In addition to load and performance tests, at Calsens we carry out analysis of structures using numerical models of finite elements, suitability reports, and calculation of specific solutions in the field of civil engineering.