Smart Mat Project

Deep Tech

Advanced Materials, Microelectronics, Artificial Intelligence, Photonic Technologies.


health, Demographic Change, Well-Being.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Health and Well-Being.

Developed Together With:

Senttix / Secpho / Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Spain.

The proposal of the Smart Mat project consists of developing a textile with an optical fiber system integrated into the mattress fabric, which allows obtaining information automatically, non-invasively and in real time on the quality of sleep and the position of the patient while sleeping.

ESmart Mat is capable of detecting body parameters such as movement, position, humidity and breathing. Transmitting all this data to the cloud where it can be checked from a mobile application so that the user can view their sleep.Smart Mat offers a solution to the home, hospital and geriatric sectors, to promote people’s health and well-being.
The Smart Mat project is developed in conjunction with Senttix, coordinated by Secpho and with the collaboration of the Textile Technological Institute AITEX.

This development is financed by the program in support of the Innovative Business Groups of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain in the 2020 call.