Proyecto Shape Sensing

Deep Tech

Photonic Technologies.


Industry 4.0, Safe clean and efficient energy, Secure
Communications, Defense and Security, Climate Action
and the Enviroment.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

Developed Together with:

Applus / Secpho / Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Spain.

The objective of the Shape Sensing project focuses on the development and implementation of a new shape sensor based on fiber optic technology, which allows the shape of structures and mechanical elements subjected to stress to be obtained continuously and in real time.

This technology allows the control of assets in critical sectors, anticipating possible structural failures, thus minimizing risks and costs, while increasing the efficiency of processes and their safety.

This project has had the participation of Applus+ Norcontrol S.L.U. as members of the consortium, and has been led by the Southern European Cluster in Photonics & Optics (SECPHO)