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Used technology.

Experience in the handling and the design of systems and photonic optical devices.

Our high degree of specialization enables CALSENS design new photonic sensors, adapted to each user’s specific needs.

Our sensors can measure the following parameters: deformation, temperature, displacement, vibration, pH variation and the pressure of the monitored element.

CALSENS has the required equipment to manufacture optical sensors. CalSens uses self-made FBGs and sensors based on Stimulated Brillouin and Raman Scattering. Our technology broadens the working range of the sensors.

espectroThe FBGs manufactured by CalSens show the aspect of the figure. Their main qualities are:

•Peak-power –noise level ≥ 25 dB
•No side lobes.
•Possibility of up to 2 µε resolutions.
•Ability to manufacture FBGs with apodized profiles and chirp, and also FBGs in fibers with special PDL and multicore fibers.
•Wavelength range between 1510 y 1590 nm.
•Working temperature range: [-40, 1200] °C
•Maximum working strain: 10.000 µε.
Inner losses < 0.1 dB, which allows the multiplexation of many sensors. temperatures up to 1200º C.
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