Premio a la investigación generada por CALSENS (en)

One of the scientific articles published by CALSENS members “Influence of mechanical and geometrical properties of embedded long-gauge strain sensors on the accuracy of strain measurement” has been included in the collection of the highlights 2012 by the Measurement Science and Technology magazine. This collection consists in the compilation of the best and more interesting research articles published in this scientific magazine. Measurement Science and Technology is placed in the first quartile Q1 in the list of the Journal Citation Reports and has an impact factor of 1.494.

The article published by Calderón P. and Glisic B. analyses the critical parameters that affect deformation measurement using length optical sensors, in order to know its affectation on the measuring accuracy and to give advice on its use. This study was carried out through a finite element method and its calibration was performed from experimental studies previously done.